Plank - Employee Onboarding App

Platform: Web | Built using: Ruby, Python, and JavaScript

This was a product that our team Hip Hip Array! built for the Launch Festival Hackathon in San Francisco, CA. We had 50 hours to conceptualize, design, develop and create a demo for the judging. Here is the end product of our efforts.

Plank is an onboarding service for companies. Any company that hires new employees, spends 2-3 hours per employee setting up their work environment and getting them onboard with any service they use. Plank simplifies the entire process to 2-3 minutes, allowing the IT team to use their precious time for other things.

Overall, Plank provides two solutions. It helps the company set up accounts at web services like Yammer, Github, Google Apps, etc. And it creates an executable package for Unix based machines that downloads and installs common programs used by a certain company or a team within the company.

At the end of the 50 hours, Plank won the Yammer Award at the Launch Festival Hackathon! Thrilled with it's reception, we are working on it's first public release. Get in touch with me if you want to hear more about Plank and it's features.

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