Skedulr - Course Scheduling Android App

Platform: Mobile(Android) | Built using: Java in Eclipse

In the User Interfaces (CS 349) course of University of Waterloo, students are expected to create a copy of the course scheduling system used by the university. One of the assignments, is to create an Android app for this service in two weeks. The constraints: it has to be a native app, has to implement the MVC architecture, and fulfill specific UX requirements...

Given that this was my first time building an Android App, coding in Java for the first time in 4 years, I feel quite proud in what the the app turned out to be. Ladies and gentlemen: Skedulr - Course Scheduling App.

If you can make out from the screenshots, there are quite a lot of different views (or "Activities", in Android) for this app. There's the login view, home view, department-list view, course-list view, section-list view and some dialogue boxes for user feedback. Although the user flow was part of the specification, the organization of views and the layout was upto the students to decide. Being a passionate builder, I couldn't help but open up Photoshop to throw some color in there as well (not a requirement at all).

The programming aspect wasn't too difficult surprisingly. The only challenge was trying to learn the way GUI elements get layed out and updated. The students were expected to teach themselves how to build an Android App (this was a UI course, after all), and near the end I felt like I could almost release this app on google play if I had more time to work on it.

Every UI decision in the process of making this app required weighing over the time remaining before deadline, the specs, and the probablility of creating more bugs in this unkown territory of mobile development. I wish I could write and tell you every one of those, but I rather show you in person.

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